Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm wearing denim everyday for a year, but after 1 & a half weeks I'm already repeating outfits.What can you suggest I do to quickly and economically



Easy Rider times meant you could legitimately wear an outfit for more than a year, establish your look then just wear it till its dead, or you are. All of us like to play with Cindy Sherman re-styling every now and then, and I understand you are getting bored. The term beg, borrow or steal comes to mind. It is some three hundred plus days, so get some denim fabric and start sewing, alternately, start raiding your friend’s wardrobes. I suggest turning garments inside out for a very cool and unique look. Maybe we can install a denim drop box in a convenient location, for offerings.
Photo is of a work I did earlier this year with my collection of jeans!

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